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Black Lives Matter

Our Commitment+Resources

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Our Commitment


To Our Beloved Community,

The murders of 
George FloydAhmaud ArberyBreonna Taylor, and countless others have left us outraged, distraught, and motivated to act. We cannot remain silent as we witness, once again, the systemic and pervasive disease that is white supremacy take another black life.

As a primarily white organization that has historically produced plays written by and centered around primarily white individuals, we must do better. We must hold ourselves accountable. We must put our programming, our voices, and our money where our hearts are. 

We promise to do the difficult work. We promise to step up. We promise to use our privilege as a means of action. We promise that it starts now, and does not end, not ever

In Solidarity,

Normal Ave

Organizations we support, and hope you will too:

Black Lives Matter



Black Visions Collective

Reclaim the Block

Color Of Change

Numbers To Call

For Breonna Taylor

Governor Andy Beshear: Email//502.564.2611

Attorney General David Cameron: Email//502.696.5300

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer: Email//502.574.2003

For George Floyd

Governor Tim Walz: Email//651.201.3400 

Mayor Jacob Frey: Email//612.673.2100

County Attorney Michael Freeman: Email//612.348.5550 

For New York

Mayor Bill de Blasio: Email//212.788.7585

Governor Andrew Cuomo: Email//518.474.8390

For Los Angeles

Mayor Eric Garcetti: Email//213.978.1028

Governor Gavin Newsom: Email//916.445.2841

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