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Audition for us.


Normal Ave/Medicine Show Theatre invites you to submit for casting in the fall for the NAPSeries

Submission Requirements:

  • Headshot and Resume

  • A recent self-tape or a monologue of your choosing

  • If auditioning for a musical role, include two videos of you singing

  • Optional: Reel

Important Details:

  • No monetary compensation; a $6 travel stipend will be provided for each day.

  • The selected artists will participate in a 29-hour reading.

  • Must be available for the reading on October 20-22, 2023 (specific dates may vary depending on the show you are cast in).

  • Rehearsals will take place from October 13-19, 2023. Please specify your availability during this period, as casting decisions will consider alignment with our creative teams' schedules.

Submission Guidelines: Please send your submission to castingnormalave@gmail.comwith the subject line: "NAPCasting - [Your Full Name]". In the body of the email, include your contact information, a brief introduction, and your availability for the rehearsal period. Please have your videos sent by Vimeo or YouTube link. 

Deadline: Submissions must be received by September 5, 2023. 

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