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NAPSeries 2023

3 parties. 3 plays. One wild weekend.
Normal Ave is proud to announce the return of NAPSeries, a festival of new plays featuring 29-hour workshops of three new plays, community events, and more. The festival will feature three parties, three shows, and many artists.

 All readings will be free and open to the public.  

Friday, Oct 20

Enduring Atlas by Jacqueline Bircher
Directed by Shannon Molly Flynn
Hosted by: Astoria Food Pantry 

In the 1970s, the Atlas space mission upends the lives of three people who work in its proximity, including Grant, the project leader, Nina, a gifted artist, and Amy, the trajectory coordinator. When the mission’s scientific potential is discovered to be greater than initially planned, careers begin to skyrocket, but the pressure of success results in betrayal, desperation, and an unraveling of everything their lives were before. An exploration of the costs of exploration, and how looking out at the universe is sometimes just a deeper way to look back at ourselves. ​ Stage Manager - Jenna Ng Lowry Dramaturge - Katie Walker ​ Cast Grant - Deven Kolluri Nina - Mia Wurgaft Amy - Ella Smith Woman - Claire Saunders Man - RJ Higton

Saturday, Oct 21

Into the Side of a Hill by James Anthony Tyler
Directed by Ken-Matt Martin
Hosted by: A.R.T/South Oxford Space 

In a Historically Black University in 2004, 6 fraternity brothers rehearse for the annual homecoming step show. As they rehearse, mental illness, toxic masculinity, and war bring all of the young men into battle with each other. Is their brotherhood strong enough to keep them united? ​ Stage Manager - Dramaturge - Dezz Tibbs ​ Cast Zarrell Zuttah- Brandon Michael Hall Allen Bishop - Julian Robertson* Stanley Plummer - Victor Musoni Fred Bynes - Ricardy Fabre* Vic Norris - Antonio Michael Woodard* Perry Sample- Freddie Fulton*

Sunday, Oct 22

The World's Cassette Library

By Mike Nappi, Sam Durant Hunter, and Max Sangerman

Directed by Shannon Molly Flynn
Music Directed by Christopher Gurr
Hosted by: Project for Living Artists 

In the wake of their brother Joey’s passing, estranged adult siblings Krysti, Michael and Brian uncover a box of dusty cassette tapes upon which Joey recorded countless treasured memories. A journey into their past inevitably rips open old wounds and begs the most difficult of all questions: forgive or forget? ​ Stage Manager - Caroline Pastore Assistant Director/Dramaturge - Erin Reynolds ​ Cast Joey - Andy Christopher* Brian-Logan Farine* Krysti - Olivia Gjurich Michael - Cory Jeacoma* Katie - Sumi Yu*

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