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Normal Ave Studios

Welcome to Normal Ave's latest frontier: non-profit filmmaking. As we embark on this exciting new venture, we are poised to blend our artistic prowess with this method of storytelling.

At Normal Ave Studios, we're redefining storytelling by harnessing the compelling medium of film to champion meaningful causes. With an unwavering commitment to driving positive societal shifts, we're partnering with organizations and visionaries to craft cinematic narratives that inspire, educate, and ignite change. Our non-profit filmmaking initiative is more than just a new chapter – it's a testament to our dedication to making a lasting impact. 

Current Projects


Megan is a Good Girl

a new horror short

by Paige Sciarrino

directed by Jordan Hidalgo

produced in association with Little Fighter Films


East Meadowbrook

a new television series

by Paige Sciarrino

directed by Amanda Pinto

produced in association with Little Fighter Films & Sub/Urban Photography


We are proud to partner with Little Fighter Films, LLC as a consultant and producing partner for Normal Ave Studios. 

Sponsored Projects

Eva's Promise

On a train to Auschwitz, 15-year-old Eva made a promise to her brother Heinz Geiringer. If he did not survive the camps, Eva promised to retrieve the paintings and poetry Heinz hid under the floorboards of his attic hiding place.


Heinz Geiringer’s story sits in the shadow of the better-known Diary of a Young Girl. After the war, Eva became the posthumous stepsister of Anne Frank when her mother married Anne’s father. While the world knows Anne’s story, this film introduces Heinz, his artistry, and his sister’s efforts to find and share his remarkable legacy.

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