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About Us.

In 2011, a group of young actors met for the first time on a college campus perched high atop an avenue called, “Normal” the centerpiece of a small, suburban town in northern New Jersey. What transpired was a fusion of intensive training, an unbreakable familial bond, and a shared love of creating the kind of theater that changes and molds, that shapes and inspires. 

We are proud graduates of the BFA Acting and Musical Theatre program at Montclair State University. As a collective of actors, singers, writers, directors, teaching artists, producers and designers, Normal Ave Productions was formed by a shared desire to bring a piece of theater to New York audiences that was socially relevant and emotionally stimulating. We settled on Really Really, a contemporary American play touching on the scorching realities of growing up in the Millennial generation.


What came afterwards was the realization that Normal Ave represented something bigger than any one of us. It represented the possibility of endless opportunity and collaboration. We have boundless dreams for this company; endless wishes for each other and the audiences we reach. 

Welcome to our family.

We look forward to your presence becoming our new normal.

Learn about our mission.

Meet the team.

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