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Sons of the Prophet

by Stephen Karam

If to live is to suffer, then Joseph Douaihy is more alive than most. With unexplained chronic pain and the fate of his reeling family on his shoulders, Joseph's health, sanity, and insurance premium are on the line. In an age when modern medicine has a cure for just about everything, Sons of the Prophet is the funniest play about human suffering you're likely to see.

April 25-May 5, 2019

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Creative Team
Director - Shannon Molly Flynn

Assistant Director - Tom Hayes
Stage Manager - Jenna Lowry

Assistant Stage Manager - Tova Greene

Dramaturge - Steve Silvestri
Scenic Designer - Loren Borja
Costume Designer- Eden Tayar
Lighting Designer - James Kolditz
Composer/Sound Designer - Zack Pierson 
Props Master - Elena Barone

*denotes member of Actors' Equity Association

"Mr. Karam understands that for those in crisis, the brute, sometimes humiliating reality of debility and disease is a greater preoccupation than philosophizing about it. And with unerring sensitivity he finds the sweet spot at which laughing at the horrors of life and feeling compassion for those who must endure them intersect." - The New York Times

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