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Pen-to-Paper Play Festival

Normal Ave hit its one-year anniversary and what an exciting year it has been! 

We spent the year examining human nature, embracing our individual differences, and coming together to challenge our perspective of what it means to be “normal”. With this in mind, Normal Ave was proud to launch our New Works Program with the Pen to Paper Play Festival. Being an artist in New York, you are gifted with an array of source material: the many different lives that coexist on 13 miles of an island. Normal Ave wants to tell the stories of the “huddled masses, yearning to breathe free”. We aim to create a stage for up-and-coming playwrights to discover their voice, leave no stone unturned, and explore truly what “Redefining Normal” means.

Director of New Works - Tony Knotts

Stage Manager - Matthew Henao

Lighting Design - Connor Wilson

Absolutely Everything by Frank Tangredi 

featuring Adam Towers and Mary Rawlins, directed by K. Sharp

The Dungeon by Enzo Gattuccio 

featuring Shannon Molly Flynn, Thomas Hayes, Nathan Simpson, Jay Reum, and Holden Cox, directed by Enzo Gattuccio

Weirdo by Steve Silvestri

featuring Brooke Garfinkel, Dino Curio, Uri Zerbib, and Abbey George 

directed by Andrew Russel and assistant directed by Dani Sall

The Spectacular Bobbito Garcia by Alejandro Hernandez 

featuring Marcos Sotomayor, directed by Shannon Molly Flynn

The Beauty of You by Sarah Robertson 

featuring Eddie Layfield and Rebecca Demarco, directed by Esteban Carmona

Superposition by Dickie Preston-Preston 

featuring Taylor Pearlstein, Brendan Maly, Madison Coyle, and Pascal Portney, directed by Keith Caram

August 26, 2017

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