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NAPseries 2020

  Normal Ave Playwriting

3 parties. plays. 8 readings.


In February of 2019, Normal Ave produced its inaugural NAPseries, a brand new festival of new plays, which featured 29-hour workshops of new plays, networking events, and more.

NAPseries continues after last year’s sold-out weekend. NAPseries supports Normal Ave’s mission of supporting new voices and making theatre accessible to audiences. All readings will be free and open to the public.  Seating is first-come, first-served.

Make theatre. Make connections. Make it happen. We’ve got you.


Men Accumulate

by Peter Kim George directed by Nicholas Polonio


Men Accumulate follows a young woman imagining autism not as a disorder or disability, but as a way of relating differently and positively to her world.


January 10 at 5 PM+January 11 at 8 PM


stage manager Jenna Ng Lowry

dramaturge Nina Goodheart



Alice Sami Ma

Linda Helen Coxe

Edward Edward O’Blenis

John Ariel Estrada

Wilfred J Anthony Crane

On Trash Monsters

by Gillian Beth Durkee directed by Shannon Molly Flynn


On Trash Monsters brings us into the world of Jessica Bilson, who is horrified by a film on global warming she sees in school and decides to take control of her family's trash situation, only to discover there is a trash monster named O'Leary living in their basement garage. The Bilson family quickly find themselves caught up in a tornado of garbage, mononucleosis, Vivaldi busts, 3 AM secrets, doll houses, and — most importantly — the crushing guilt of feeling poisonous. 


January 11 at 5 PM+January 12 at 8 PM

stage manager Michael Brent Hicks

dramaturges Dani Joseph+Kylie M. Brown


Jessica Elyse Steingold

O'Leary Julia Melfi

Dad Jake McCready

Mom Erin Christine Walsh

Sister Alanna Saunders

Boyfriend/Narrator RJ Vaillancourt

Barbara/Sally Keaton Whittaker

Albert Chang Sean Fowley 

Sarah Sits Shiva for Herself

by Megan Pope directed by Kathleen Capdesuñer


Sarah is dying but masking it with beserk confidence. She decides to throw a shiva for herself (even though shivas are for dead people and she is still very much alive). Only 3 people show up. Her mom, her ex-girlfriend, and her mom’s best friend Lou.


January 11 at 2 PM+January 12 at 5 PM

stage manager Lindsay Matheos

dramaturge Katie Walker


Sarah Jackie Abbott

Jeanie Yelena Shmulenson

Mo Claire Saunders

Lou John Plumpis

Seven-Letter Names

by Kristian O’Hare directed by Christina Franklin


A group of white liberal hipsters indulge in a six-course farm-to-table meal of locally grown vegetables, ethically raised organic meats, and sustainably caught seafood.  While avoiding the impending doom of the outside world, this play examines the hypocrisy of the bourgeoisie and human nature, its primitive instincts, unspeakable secrets, and inconceivable actions.


January 10 at 8 PM+January 12 at 2 PM

stage manager Emily Donegan

dramaturge Jeremy Landes


Stephen Pascal Portney

Michael Nathan Simpson

Roberto Sommer Carbuccia

Caitlin Ella Smith

Rebecca Samantha Cooper

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