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NAPseries 2019

  Normal Ave Playwriting

3 parties. 6 plays. 12 readings.


In February of 2019, Normal Ave produced its inaugural NAPseries, a brand new festival of new plays, which featured 29-hour workshops of six new plays, networking events, and more.


The reading series was be led by Normal Ave’s newly appointed Literary Manager, Kylie Brown (Lifespan of a Fact) & Artistic Associate, Andrew Garrett (NYTW). The festival featured three parties, six shows, twelve readings, and hundreds of artists.

Make theatre. Make connections. Make it happen. We’ve got you.


All Eight by Lilly Camp

All Eight tracks nine women through their freshman year of college on a rowing team together, and examines how the sport of crew and a man abusing his power over them influences them, and asks whether the right thing–outing a man with authority taking advantage of a young woman–is still right if it happens for the wrong reasons.

February 14 at 4pm and February 16 at 8pm

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Dead Meat by Paige Zubel

Dead Meat takes us to the end of the world. A once-promising medication goes awry, mutating 51% of the world's population into shells of human beings with only the basic motor functions left to chase, bite, and kill. (Yep. They're zombies.) Three men--seemingly alone in the apocalypse--are honestly pretty all right with it. Until Alex--an intersex woman--distorts the dichotomies in which these men view their black and white world.

February 15 at 12pm and February 17 at 4pm

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Lazy Eye by Andrew Frye

Lazy Eye shows us how a woman's mental & physical health begins to deteriorate when she believes her girlfriend has been unfaithful. Devastatingly personal and highly theatrical, Lazy Eye examines the ways in which intimacy and mistrust are inextricably linked.

February 15 at 4pm and February 17 at 8pm

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Monica: This Play is Not

About Monica Lewinsky by Dianne Nora

Monica: This Play is Not About Monica Lewinsky brings us through a series of scenes between Monica Lewinsky and different imagined lovers. This play asks what the cost of intimacy is, how we reckon with our past selves, and what we talk about when we talk about Other Women.

February 14 at 8pm and February 16 at 12pm

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Shockoe Bottom by Shawn Nabors

Shockoe Bottom brings the audience into the life of Shepherd, a formally free queer black man who finds himself in captivity when he heads south to help free other slaves. When he's taken in and treated as his master's special property and love interest the lines of privilege and freedom get blurred.

February 15 at 8pm and February 17 at 12pm

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The Time Thief by Enzo Gattuccio

The Time Thief is an experimental workshop of a new training module for employees of Threadhaven. Learn the Do’s and Don’t’s of customer service, ladder safety, and workplace relations! Developed and hosted by Director of Alternative Marketing, Teddy Slossberg. WARNING: The Time Thief contains participatory, immersive, and instructional elements.

February 14 at 12pm and February 16 at 4pm

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