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In a city that is buzzing with opportunity, sometimes its nice to change the pace and slow down. It’s easy to lose sight of why we start down this crazy career path while we're balancing auditions, classes, and day jobs. That is why we, here at Normal Ave, feel it is imperative to the artist to sometimes just play amongst other artists all working towards the same thing. 


Please join us at actorsGAP, a place to come exercise your muscles and play. 


Join us for a bit or stay the entire time. Bring something to work on or simply observe. Monologues, scenes with a partner, cold reads, audition material, whatever you want to work on! All are welcome!

The night will go as such: 

One by one, or pair by pair, actors will get up and do their work. A guided feedback session will then lead the actor into the opportunity to work on their piece one more time. Or, you can skip the feedback, get up and work, and simply sit back down! actorsGAP is a tool given to ACTORS, so the night really belongs to YOU. 

Monthly themes include monologues, scenes, musical theater, on camera, and cold reads.


Stay up-to-date on our actorsGAP Facebook group! Sign-ups available now!

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