Our 2018-19 Season

2 Tony Award-winning playwrights. An expanded festival. Maybe we'll throw a concert or two your way. If you love #NormalAve1819, consider becoming a member.


by Itamar Moses

How does a computer scientist hook up with a molecular biologist? He blinds her with science, of course. When Elliot builds a computer program to help Molly with her research project, the variables in their evolving relationship shift as rapidly as the terms of their experiment. This deft and imaginative new ROM-comedy shows that even the most sophisticated algorithm may freeze in the face of life’s infinite possibilities.

October 18-28, 2018



Normal Ave is proud to announce the NAPseries, a brand new festival of new plays, featuring 29-hour workshops of sixnew plays, networking events, and more.

February 4-17, 2019


Sons of the Prophet

by Stephen Karam

If to live is to suffer, then Joseph Douaihy is more alive than most. With unexplained chronic pain and the fate of his reeling family on his shoulders, Joseph's health, sanity, and insurance premium are on the line. In an age when modern medicine has a cure for just about everything, Sons of the Prophet is the funniest play about human suffering you're likely to see.

April 25-May 5, 2019